Power Bike Field

This is my new project for developing performance Garmin IQ applications that emulates a Cycling Power Meter with this algorithm

Hope you enjoy:

PowerBikePro estimated Power For Cycling

PowerBikePro is a software for Garmin connect that among other algorithms calculates power without a powermeter, the software has an algorithm similar to Strava’s but has 20 variables instead of 16 which has the Strava algorithm, http://www.kreuzotter.de/english/espeed.htm

The algorithm uses the cadence and speed sensor to make it more precise and the altimetry and temperature with which it calculates the density of the air, in tests with a Garmin Vector, we have a margin of error of 10% without drafting tested with Garmin Vector.

The use of a power meter in cycling is expensive since in addition to the cost of the unit it is required to change the batteries every certain time.

This application can be used in youth cycling teams or for athletes in countries where with less economic resources with a garmin, here you can download the application.


You can also find videos on the YouTube channel


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